Monday, August 16, 2010

Up and Away

As I was was early. The sun and the balloons were rising. Watching the whole process was pretty interesting, and the So Cal Balloons team was lovely.

We walked around inside of the balloon as the crew pumped them full of air with the fans.

Once the balloons were full, the crew got after it with a blow torch.

And then...physics air rises...something, something.

Then we were off. We being me, Tom, four other couples, and Captain Sergio...

{One spendy couple sprung for the private ride}

{In the movie version of my life, Captain Sergio will be played by Javier Bardem}

After an hour or so, we bounced down. Unfortunately, we bounced down in the middle of the road. Tom and a couple of other gentlemen hopped out, and we started hovering again.

Then the crew and Captain Sergio orchestrated a very awkward and haphazard process of bouncing us to a more suitable landing zone.

Once we were back on the ground, we were presented with mimosas and our official "First Flight" certificates.

Hot air ballooning? Check and check.



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