Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to School

The past three weeks have been a blur of back-to-school busyness fueled by Thai takeout and punctuated with a fabulous anniversary celebration, family dinners, and more list reduction.

 {my home away from home}

{I have also been spending an obscene amount of time and money here. Then again, the promise of yearly back-to-school shopping is at least 25% of the reason I became a teacher-see colored pens below..}

{Sra. Cusimano lays down the law.}

 {After ten to twelve hours on campus, making dinner is not in the cards. Saffron has been the beneficiary.}

 {In addition to setting up the room, writing lessons, and getting to know students, my work at school has included waging war on the legions of ants that have invaded.}

{It wasn't all work and ant warfare-we celebrated two years of husband and wifedom with the last bottle of wine from the wedding and an incredibly indulgent plate of lobster and crab legs.}

 {a little preview of the latest list accomplishment}

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