Tuesday, August 31, 2010



Soooo, it's been a busy, stressful, special kinda crazy couple of weeks. Some of it was good-busy -- my brother came to visit as part of his two weeks leave from Afghanistan, and there are not words to describe how good it felt to hug him and talk to him face-to-face after so many months of electronic communication. There were family dinners galore and a baseball game, and except for the part where he got on a plane to go back to Vermont and then Afghanistan, it was all wonderful.

 {Thanks to Mike's lovely girlfriend Erin for this picture}

There have been less fun things like finding a new apartment keeping me busy too, but the end result is that I don't seem to have much time for things like photography and blogs. The end result is that I have been feeling guilty about neglecting my blog; then I feel stupid for feeling guilty since my loyal readership is comprised almost solely of my immediate family who know very well what is going on in my life and will likely not feel too out of the loop if I don't provide regular written updates.


Plus, I've now gone so long without posting anything that writing about everything that has happened in the interim seems daunting... You know when you haven't talked to a good friend in a while and you have a lot to catch up on so you feel the need to block off a significant amount of time for the phone call, but then you never seem to have that amount of free time to actually make the call; meanwhile, more time passes and the list of things that you have to catch up on just grows and grows, so really you should have just taken the five minute window and made the damn phone call? It's like that. Anyway, I had that five minute window and thought I'd just check in.


The radio silence probably also has something to do with the fact that screwing up the picture-a-day thing really took the wind out of my sails. That and...I've just been feeling lackluster as of late. No big thang - I'm looking forward to filling my sails and getting my luster back this weekend when I reunite with my best girls. There is nothing like a champagne-fueled dance party and hours of coffee chat to bring the sparkle back.

{8.11.10_2/365 (Boooo!)}

In the meantime...a preview of another item crossed off the list.


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  1. Um, I would appreciate if you would also count me among your loyal readers...And, I can't wait for the champagne-fueled dance party!
    You have the pre-party mix, right?


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