Thursday, March 25, 2010

This Girl's Gone Wild

Spring Break. This used to call to mind tequila shots, day drinking, and general debauchery... Thanks to this teaching gig, I still get a spring break. Only now, instead of getting baked or baking in the sun, I am literally baking... It is only week one of this glorious two week respite and I have already baked a loaf of whole wheat bread from my favorite new cookbook, Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day ...

plus two batches of these delicious carrot cake cookies (with the aforementioned Cosmic Carrots).

One batch went to my sister and her carrot-cake-loving special friend/new roommate, with the exception of two cookies that became a birthday whoopie pie/cake for my other, no-longer teen-aged sister. The other batch went to our lovely neighbors Bud and Fern (no joke) who generously donated a cooler when our fridge gave up the ghost over the weekend...

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