Friday, February 27, 2015

Barreling Toward Parenthood

{It's almost time!}
{37 weeks}
[Note: So, I started this post a week ago, and as per usual, I got distracted... As I write this now, it is Baby Cusi's birthday! Sleep was fitful at best, and I'm just killing time until it's time to leave for the hospital. My thoughts on the these final moments of pregnancy are here.]

The past two months have been a whirlwind of baby preparations. The holidays and our birthdays kept us busy and distracted, but ever since New Years came and went, it feels like we've been barreling full speed ahead into new parenthood. 

On the second weekend in January, Kelsey and Brandy flew in to celebrate Baby Cusi's impending arrival...
We met up in LA and then drove straight to Coronado since my mom and sisters had planned the most lovely shower - straight from my Pinterest dreams really. 

The shower had a travel theme and everyone was asked to bring a book, so I mean...they get me. 

They put together a delicious menu with food from around the world - spanakopita, chicken satay, quiche, caprese salad, and of course, sweet treats (which, apparently, are the only foods I took pictures of).

Everyone took onesie decorating very seriously...
 Especially Kelsey.

It was a wonderful day - Baby and I felt very loved!
{completed onesies and the beginning of Cusimini's book collection}
The next weekend, Barbara threw me a Wells Bring Hope shower - we're pretty lucky, this babe and I!

With all the parties out of the way, it was time to get down to business... There were classes that involved a selection of terrifying dolls.
There was reading.

There was lots of nesting. 
Tom put together the crib (and the dresser, and the shelf).
I did some crafting...

And eventually, we had a lovely place for Baby Cusi to come home to...

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