Saturday, October 4, 2014

This is happening...

{June 30th's discovery}

 Yep. Come early March, we'll be adding a Cusimini to the team!

I took a pregnancy test one Monday morning on a whim, not really thinking much of it since we hadn't technically been "trying." What we'd expected to take six months or more had taken more like six weeks, so my heart did a somersault when I saw that I officially had a passenger on board... I blame Full House for what happened next.

Remember that one episode where Aunt Becky tries to tell Uncle Jesse that she's pregnant by cooking him an elaborate themed meal? No? Well, refresh your memory. Had I rewatched that particular YouTube clip before deciding that I wanted to tell Tom in some clever way, I may have reconsidered since things didn't quite work out the way Aunt Becky wanted them to... (foreshadowing).  Anyway, this was big news, and I didn't want to just unceremoniously throw the pregnancy test at Tom (spoiler alert: also foreshadowing). I wanted a moment.

After double checking that this was, in fact, happening with a second pregnancy test (in the bathroom at Costco, as it happens), I decided that I would order the book Dude, You're Gonna Be a Dad and have it gift wrapped and mailed to Tom with same day delivery. So, I ordered the book and waited. While I waited, I googled all the potential ways I had damaged my unborn child with wine and oysters and Advil before I knew I was pregnant. [Pro tip: don't do that.] I don't think I got any actual work done that day as I tried to wrap my mind around the fact that I was really and truly pregnant.

The package was supposed to arrive by 8 o'clock, so when 9:30 rolled around with no delivery, I pretended to go to the bathroom and called Amazon. They said the package was marked as delivered, so it must have been left at the wrong address...blah, blah, blah. At this point, I had been sitting on this knowledge for 12 hours, and I couldn't wait another minute to tell Tom the news, so I grabbed the pregnancy test from where I'd hidden it in my purse, and - you guessed it - tossed it in the general direction of where Tom lay watching TV. It was the definition of unceremonious, and not at all what I envisioned, but good news is good news regardless of the presentation, right?

After spending the next couple of hours talking about all the ways in which our lives were about to change, we had finally started to fall asleep just before midnight when the buzzer for our front gate rang. In a turn of events that I still don't quite understand, it was the delivery guy dropping off the package that had supposedly been delivered hours earlier...

He's been studying up ever since.

More soon, but for now, your first glimpse at Baby Cusimano...

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