Saturday, April 21, 2012

Welcome to (West) Hollywood, Baby

Melrose Place, the cross street at the end of my block, not the 90's primetime soap, is a darling little street. It's only a block long, but it's tree-lined loveliness makes it a popular place for photo shoots and the occasional commercial filming. Whenever anything is going to be filmed on Melrose Place, they post a notice on the front of our building. Usually, it's nothing too exciting - a Toyota commercial was the last big excitement, but this last one caught my attention.

TV Drama, you say? I looked up Newsroom and found that it is Aaron Sorkin's next project. This is the guy who brought us A Few Good Men, The American President, The Social Network, so on filming day, I walked down to check out the scene. Apparently Newsroom takes place in New York...

At one point I started feeling like an awkward, wannabe paparazzi (and really, who wants to be a paparazzi?), so I started taking pictures of flowers to pretend I was all L.A. and totally unfazed by the big studio production. Whatevs movie people, I'm not impressed; I just want to stop and photograph the roses.

The lights were still shining into my bathroom at 8pm, so I went back later that evening for more looky-looing. From what I could determine, someone may or may not have killed a baby, the police are involved, and Jeff Daniel's character will be getting out of a taxi at some point... Apologies for the crap photos; I got the impression that walking on set to get better pictures would be frowned upon.
{the "atmospheric smoke effects" promised in the Notice of Filming}

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