Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

{via Mr. Greentrees Facebook}
So our quest for the perfect tree began last Saturday when we ventured to the Mr. Greentrees lot in Beverly Hills. This was our first mistake. Don't get me wrong, the trees were lovely and fragrant. They were also priced for the neighborhood. In fact, when I did a Google search of images of Mr. Greentrees just now, most of the pictures were of various celebrities picking up their Christmas trees.
 We revealed that we didn't belong when we actually asked how much the trees cost.

This tree was priced to sell...wait for it...$1800. So, yeah, we could have the tree or we could pay rent.
The only trees in our price range were these sad one footers.

Instead of settling for a tabletop tannebaum, we opted to venture outside of the 90210 and into the 91222 (that would be Glendale). So Sunday found us hauling our (Christmas) cookies to the Valley  with hopes of snagging a six foot Noble fir for under a thousand dollars. Based on Yelp reviews, we headed to Mr. Snowman.  Apparently, Los Angeles tree lots are fancy and insist on being referred to as mister.
It was here at Mr. Snowman's that we found our tree, Clarence.
{Tom looks suspect, but he agreed, this was our tree.}
So, we brought Clarence home and set about decorating him.

I have been trying to get this post up for almost a week now, so the pictures of the tree in all his finery will have to wait until tomorrow, but trust, he's sparkly.

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