Friday, December 3, 2010

Well Hello, December

Some how, December sneaks up on me every year despite the fact that I spend half of November anticipating it. Given my total lack of understanding of how time and how it passes, I suppose this is not surprising.  I tend to think of time as a very fluid thing, failing to realize that it is actually...not. This is why I spend more time than I would like to running around like a chicken with her head cut off. Turns out headless chickens do not enjoy the holidays as much as chicks whose heads are firmly attached.

In an attempt to avoid the headless chicken scenario, I'm going to try to try something different this Christmas. I am setting reasonable goals with realistic time frames. Ugh. That sounds lame and boring, no wonder I don't like to do that. The ting is, it's totally necessary this year. My weekends from now until Christmas are almost entirely spoken for already. That means that I will be buying, not making cards this year. This is probably for the best. As much as I enjoyed playing with glitter and stamps last year, my cards had a decidedly fifth grade aesthetic.

Plus, I like to make lists. And lists related to Christmas shopping, baking, and decorating? Yes, please.

{My list so festive holiday effects from my photo editing program. Cheery, no?}

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