Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I Want to Remember...

Everybody says that it goes so fast, and I can already feel that twinge when I look at pictures of Henry from the day he was born - I can hardly believe how quickly he's changing. It seems like each stage lasts just a couple of days, and my dresser is piled high with clothes that need to be stored away because they are already too small for my no longer teeny baby. I'm doing everything I can to inhale each moment, to really stop and notice the little things that change from week to week. I want to fix this time in my mind.

Henry is sleeping, and I should use this time to make progress on the to-do list that's constantly taunting me from the back of my mind. There are two baskets full of laundry that need to be folded and put away, the dishwasher needs to be emptied, and the bathrooms are long overdue for a cleaning. But first - this.

I want to remember...
  • The huge gummy smiles that seem to overcome his whole body,  how he throws his head back in delight.
  • How wine, Netflix, and intermittently pausing whatever we're watching to stare at the monitor to marvel at our son makes for a pretty spectacular Friday night these days.
  • How he passes out every single time he eats and how sometimes I won't try to transfer him to his crib, choosing instead to ignore the aforementioned to-do list to let him sleep in my lap.
Sometimes I try to get a little work done while he snoozes...

  • What a happy baby he is, how little it takes to make him smile. 
  • His hilarious "mad dog" face.
  • The early morning nursing sessions when the party animals have gone to bed, the early risers aren't quite risen, and all is quiet.
  • His fuzzy head and the strange patch of newborn hair that has come to be known as his "rear mustache." 
  • The way he watches the world from the safety of the carrier - wrapped tightly to my chest, just his head visible, taking it all in. 
  • The grip of his tiny hand around my finger.
  • Bringing him into bed on weekend mornings for family cuddle time.
There are plenty of things that I won't mind forgetting - like how short my fuse can get after a week of sleeping only 90 minute stretches, but on the whole, this time of life is pretty dreamy.


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