Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week 18: Settling In

Now that we're coming up on almost a year in L.A., I decided it was probably time to hang some things on our sad, empty walls. Obviously, I have hung things on walls before (beginning, probably, with a tapestry and my parents old records in my inexplicable 8th grade hippie stage), but I have never hung things up in Los Angeles before... I know, it's a stretch, but take it or leave it, it's the new thing for week 18. It is slightly more legit, however, because I used a new strategy for creating the gallery wall effect.

Thanks again to the magic of Pinterest, I came across this idea a while back and decided I should give it a go in hopes of avoiding the ridiculous excess of nail holes that usually results when I try to hang pictures unsupervised. I generally end up with about three times as many holes as are strictly necessary. Pinterest seemed to have the perfect solution though, so I got out my parchment paper and started tracing the frames I wanted to hang. Apparently, however, I did not pay close enough attention to the directions because I traced my frames and then cut them out instead of laying them all out on one big piece of paper. This was dumb. It makes way more sense to do it like the nice lady in the example.

Anyway, I taped my paper templates to the wall and pounded nails in the (mostly) appropriate spots. There were a few adjustments necessary because of spacing issues (which would have been avoided if I had followed the dang directions), but I'd say I only ended up with 10% more holes than required.

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