Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Week 11: Latino Film Festival

I have never been to a film festival of any sort, so when my sister was looking for company on an extra credit mission for her Spanish class, I was all over it. Last Friday, my mom and I met Meghan at the Hazard Center, host of San Diego's 19th Annual Latino Film Festival.

The movie was exactly like I expected a film festival film to be - it was quirky, bizarre, and awkwardly funny. Amador features an aging hooker with a heart of gold, a crochety old man who dies early in the film, and a rather desperate young woman who, for vaguely plausible reasons, does not report the man's death and continues to "care" for his crochety old corpse. I kind of loved it.

The only subtitled trailer I could find was subtitled in Greek, so...not helpful. Here is the subtitle-free version.                          
At dinner after the movie, we did our best impression of regular film festival attendees and discussed symbolism, themes, and the character's evolution. Midge is sure to bump that 96% up to a 97% with the write-up she does on Amador... 

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