Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week 5: Fake Lashes, Pace, and Bar Marmont

***Sooooo...apparently I never hit publish on this post. I swear I had it done last weekend though.***
Actually, for real, written on February 5th, 2012.

Friday was the day for all kinds of silly new things. I got my hair did at a new place, Tom took me out to dinner at a new restaurant, I went to Bar Marmont for the first time, and I decided to attempt applying fake lashes for the first time. Some things (hair cut, dinner) were more successful than others (fake lashes, Bar Marmont)... Here's the recap.

Tom promised me a nice dinner out as thanks for burning all of his CDs so he could sell them, and since I had my first hair appointment in a looong time scheduled for Friday, it seemed liked a good time to take him up on his offer. I felt like continuing the primping after my hair appointment, so I popped into CVS and bought myself some fake lashes and lash glue.

I did absolutely no research on this prior to my purchase, but I was pleasantly surprised when I found plenty of information on the internet about how wonderfully easy it is to apply fake lashes. The internet lies.

This is how applying fake lashes looks on the internet:

This is how applying fake lashes looks in my bathroom:

I did not document any of the first 87 attempts I made at getting the lashes on, but trust believe, it was not a good look. Eventually I just gave up and cut the lashes into more manageable sections and applied a few lashes to the outer corner of each eye. You could hardly tell and the whole thing was way more frustrating than it was worth.

Also, it's not easy to take a picture of your own eyes.
I was so fed up with the whole schmozzel that I didn't even attempt to smize.
{In case you aren't familiar with smizing, you should probably watch Tyra teach Larry King how to smile with his eyes.}

Anyway, fake eyelash application was a fail, but dinner was delish. Pace (pronounced pah-chay, peace in Italian) focuses on local, organic ingredients and has a hippy-dippy feel befitting its Laurel Canyon location. It was appropriately dark and romantic, which is why we are barely identifiable in the pictures.
We shared a salmon tartare appetizer and then went for entrees involving homemade pasta and lobstah. Yumbo. Dessert was one of those collapsing molten chocolate cakes that takes takes forty minutes to prepare and can be relied upon to drag out the dining experience. Again, yumbo.

After dinner we decided to stop for drinks at Bar Marmont on our way home. The line and the packed bar made me feel old and crotchety.
{That about sums it up.}
We lasted about fifteen minutes and then opted to end our date on the couch with a glass of wine...much more my style. Plus, we saw a Jesus lookalike on our way home. All in all, a great evening.

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