Thursday, January 5, 2012

Backing Up

I was so excited to kick off 2012 that I failed to properly wrap up 2011. Tom's parents came to town to celebrate the holidays, and after spending Christmas in Big Bear with Tom's brother, they had a few days left in L.A. before they had to head back to Florida.

To make matters even merrier, my brother and Erin came up to L.A. for a night, and we all headed to LACMA to catch the Urban Lights display in the dark.

The day before Mary and Charlie had to leave, we managed to visit the one L.A. sight they hadn't managed to see in all of their trips to the West Coast, the Getty. It was a lovely day, perfect for exploring the Getty's indoor and outdoor treasures.

As usual, the Impressionist room was first on my list.
{The Rue Mosnier with Flags - Édouard Manet}
{Sunrise - Claude Monet}
{Once again, I was barely able to restrain myself from running my fingers over the brushstrokes.}
{Wheatstacks, Snow Effect, Morning - Claude Monet}
{Irises - Vincent van Gogh}
After taking in the photography exhibit (where I was not allowed to take pictures) and visiting with  van Gogh and friends, we stopped for lunch and for me to take an absurd number of pictures of this maple (?) tree.
Then I played around with my telephoto lens. I call this one Hipster Eating a Sandwich.

It's only a matter of time before the Getty commissions a whole series.

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